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We strive to be innovators in the structuring of esoteric assets, as well as the premier consultants to private debt and equity markets.

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TKGI is pleased to announce the launch of its structured finance consulting and valuation services.  Such services will focus on identifying and optimizing the value of our clients assets.
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TKGI is a leading financial consulting firm specializing in the origination, structuring, and servicing of large, complex financial transactions.
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Text Box: We invite all of our clients, partners, and followers to explore our new content, read the latest news, and, most importantly, learn how The Karlson Group can deliver world-class financial solutions through creative ideas, proven experience, and  trusted that produce efficient execution, manageable risk, and attractive investment returns.
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Greetings and welcome to The Karlson Group Inc. As I write this letter, borrowers and investors seem to have the same concerns on their minds...
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